The online testing features of Hobbes network testers include link, duplex, speed, VLAN status, IP address and packet lost testing.
It enables the technician to troubleshoot the network by identifying specific faults with a range of features, such as cable crimping, wiring continuity testing, cable tracing, PoE type identifying, cable organizing, cable length testing, switch port blinking and much more.
It includes comprehensive PoE standard, voltage and power test features. IEEE 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Inline Tester/PoE Tester PoEsmart

PoE Power, Current and Voltage Test PoE Power and Voltage Test PoE Type Test

PoE Test
Product Comparison

PoE Detector/PoE Inline Tester

PoEsmart IEEE 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Inline Tester/PoE Tester
PoE Checker
PoE Tester

PoE Checker PoE Tester
PoE Tester

POEfinder PoE Tester
PoE Type Test
Distinguish whether PSE is Mid-Span or End-Span
Able to detect four-pair PSE device
PoE Standard
PSE IEEE 802.3af and at
PSE IEEE 802.3bt and UPoE
Inline Test
Monitor real-tim PoE voltage and power draw
Monitor real-tim PoE current
PoE Standard
Distinguish whether PSE is IEEE 802.3af, at, bt or none-standard
Distinguish whether PSE is active or passive on PoE handshake
PoE Polarity Test
Determine PSE Polarity
Simulate a PD
Build-in fixed load
Tester Design
Battery Free
One-fourth of a mobile phone
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CCTV Tester includes PoE output, IP camera’s IP Discovery and connect by Rapid ONVIF, PSE power supply voltage and power test, LAN and Ping test, network and packet loss test, network cable test, network cable length test, cable tracing functions
It easily tests the wiring continuity: opens, shorts, and mis-wires for variety of cables.
It supports technicians during fiber testing and fiber optic signal identifying. It is suitable for verification testing and troubleshooting during fiber installation and maintenance.
A networking device that can convert Ethernet to optical fiber easily and costly without a big upgrade for your network and powering infrastructure.
Our wide range of single mode and multi-mode fiber patch cables such as PC, UPC and APC with assemblies can meet any connectivity requirement.
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Smart PDU allows you to master the power consumption, temperature and humidity information through software, and optimize energy management for the server room.
Ethernet Extender enables the extension of Ethernet connectivity over existing copper pair allowing legacy infrastructure to be leveraged for IP networks and extending the Ethernet distance limitations of 100 meters.