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Lowest price in Hobbes handyOTDR

Hobbes offer lowest price for the existing handyOTDR 257918/257919 as ”Big Thank You” sale. handyOTDR is a portable high–efficiency fiber fault locator. It is designed as a fiber fault locator with fiber length measurement and with VFL function. It is widely used for verifying a signal path, certifying new fiber installations, fault finding in fiber optic networks. Hobbes handyOTDR is designed for maintenance in telecommunication and CATV fiber optic measurements. If you are looking for a high efficiency fiber fault locator that can quickly and easily locate problem areas in optical connections, Hobbes is the reliable manufacturer to be your primary choice.

• Fiber fault locator can measure up to eight fiber fault events
• Fiber length measurement up to 50 or 80km
• Store up to 300 test results and upload to handyOTDR PC software
• Build in visual fault locator function 

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handyOTDR operation video

About Hobbes

Hobbes is the global leader in manufacture of professional test, and measurement equipment for network and telecommunication industry since 1985. Our innovative products and services protect and optimize transmission networks in any environment-from the smallest mobile device, to the enterprise data center, to cloud-based systems give our customers confidence to connect the world. For more information, please visit our website: or our partners.