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Sale on GIGATEST Ethernet Traffic Generator and Tester PoE Tester

GIGATEST Ethernet Traffic Generator and Tester


Hot!Hobbes GIGATEST - Ethernet Traffic Generator and Tester

User-defined packet loss criteria for loopback test to determine Pass/Fail

  • Testing and troubleshooting potential problems of data transmission and bandwidth.

  • Computer out ! On–site cabling and analysis for network construction are easy and quick.

  • Efficiency! Design as Master and Slave structure with auto negotiation function. Single person can operate all the testing.

  • Powerful software application for advanced configuration/operation via USB cable.


GIGATEST-Ethernet Traffic Generator and Tester





Why do millions of people around the world choose Hobbes?



Purchase GIGATEST by 30 September 2017 and
enjoy discounted price for PoE Checker - PoE Tester.

PoE Checker - PoE Tester
  • • Detects PoE type if either Midspan or Endspan
  • • Able to determine PoE standard if either IEEE 802.3 af, IEEE 802at or nonstandard PoE with accuracy
  • • Measures and displays PoE DC Voltage
  • • Connects between two LAN devices (inline) to display the power draw (watts)


GIGATEST is designed for network and ISP engineering. It's now on big sale.

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