Now, you can automatically turn on or turn off your PC’s peripherals with your computer’s main power switch.

Just turn on your computers as you normally would, Mini Power Minder circuit sends an “On” signals to secondary socket which will automatically switch on any plugged-in peripherals like your monitor, printer, modem, and scanner.

If you need extra sockets for additional peripherals, you can use a regular power strip as an extension by plugging Power Cable of Power strip into the socket marked “secondary”. When you turn the computer off, Power Minder will send an “Off” signal to the other power sockets, turning off any attached peripherals.

Power Guard has built in Power Minder technology which prevents you from accidentally leaving on your monitor and other peripherals while the computer is not in use. This feature saves time and money as well as preventing extra wear and tear on your equipment.

• Surge protector (line to neutral, line to ground, neutral to ground)

• Mini Power Minder has unique feature called “Power Minder Control” that causes the secondary socket to turn on/off while you are booting up or shutting down your PC

• The “Power Minder Control” feature means that the busy PC user no longer has to remember to manually shut down their peripherals


Artikel-Nr.: PG-2001LF/AU

Input voltage: 120Vac, 60Hz

Output current: 15A Max.

UL 498A current taps:

UL1449 Type 3 SPD ratings: L-N 900V,L-G 900V,N-G 900V

File: E238855

Mini power minder

Now, you can automatically turn on or turn off your PC's peripherals with your computer's main power switch.